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Concrete Patio = Concrete Furniture?

As much as I love shopping for awesome furniture and decor, I love making it all that much more. I was browsing through the current issue of Do It Yourself magazine and saw this adorable idea of using concrete blocks to make outdoor furniture. It just so happens that making a little outdoor oasis for myself and my kitties is on my spring to-do list. After breaking down the image of a concrete bench into a workable blueprint for my bench, I went online to (my favorite and also the closest hardware store in my area) and researched concrete blocks and adhesives. If everything works out well, I could easily make this bench for somewhere between $70-85, which is comparable to an inexpensive store-bought bench. I personally think this would have a lot more personality, be a lot more fun (because I get to make it!), and it would double as a place to house some of the plants I’m attempting to grow. Plus, it’d be easy enough to make more “matching” furniture any time I want! 

So of course I found this idea in DIY Magazine, but when I was looking for a picture online, I found this:, which is basically the EXACT same concrete block sofa that’s in the magazine, but broken down a bit more. I’m looking forward to seeing what my husband thinks (which will be disgust), convincing him to let me do it (easy, peasy), and then actually making it!

The best part of this awesome concrete sofa? Making the cushions and pillows to go with it! Can’t wait!